Protect your Family Office with Drawbridge Cybersecurity

With recent developments in cyber threats, it can be hard for single and multifamily office investors to continuously ensure the security of themselves and their counterparts. They are faced with complex cybersecurity threats within their firms and the investments in which they provide their information and capital. Without the right solutions to monitor cyber risk,…

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Market Spotlight: Cyber Protection for Allocators

Allocators need a specialized level of confidence that their assets and information are safe with the managers they invest in. With recent developments in cyber threats, it can be hard for an allocator to continuously ensure the security of themselves and their counterparts. Allocators require more than a generic cybersecurity platform to maintain the safety…

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Cybersecurity News Cycle: The Kaseya Cyber Attack Compromises the Security of Up to 1,500 Businesses

Kaseya Cyber Attack

There is growing evidence that cyber attackers are only becoming stronger and better at what they do. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves to meet these new challenges, so do hackers, who evolve their own cyber threats and attacks. Last week’s Kaseya cyber attack compromised the security of around 1,500 businesses and organizations globally, including the…

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Service Spotlight: Cyber Risk Assessments with Drawbridge

Cyber Risk Assessments

In order to best protect your business and organization, you need to continuously check and update your cybersecurity program to ensure it is protecting and managing confidential data correctly and prudently. The first step is assessing the cyber risks your organization faces with Drawbridge’s Cyber Risk Assessments. Risk assessments are used to identify, estimate, and…

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Service Spotlight: Cybersecurity Program Management from Drawbridge

Cybersecurity Program Management

Cyber attacks and other digital risks continuously threaten every aspect of the security of your business, including business continuity, operational resilience, revenue, brand and reputation, and customer relationships. In order to protect the interests of your clients, partners, investors and vendors, your firm must have a comprehensive cyber program in place, no matter what type…

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Cybersecurity News Cycle: Hackers Going After Physical Infrastructure with Ransomware Attacks

We have seen it with government agencies, private companies, and more recently, the Colonial Pipeline and major meat producer JBS USA. Cyber threats are more prominent than ever, and they are targeting companies both big and small. Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, especially when you are scrambling to protect your firm in light of recent occurrences.…

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Service Spotlight: Keep your Firm Secure with Portfolio Company Due Diligence from Drawbridge

Portfolio Company Due Diligence

Portfolio companies are at high risk and a prime target for cyberattacks and other digital threats. Breaches by cyber attackers can be costly, cause significant business interruptions and downtime, and can negatively impact the reputation of your business and your investors’ confidence. At Drawbridge, we address the risks and challenges your portfolio company faces with…

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