April 20, 2022: Drawbridge Releases Latest Version of Drawbridge Connect Cybersecurity Program Management Platform

Drawbridge is pleased to report another smooth production release this weekend for the Drawbridge Connect cybersecurity program management platform. We completed QA on Wednesday, April 20 and finalized the upgrade that same evening. This release continues our focus on quality-of-life enhancements for all users, including both Drawbridge Client Service teams and clients directly, as well as several functional enhancements.

Improving Cyber Risk Assessment Workflows

Many Drawbridge clients rely upon our Cyber Risk Assessments (CRA) to direct investment and prioritization of their cyber programs. CRA workflows in the Drawbridge platform were a primary beneficiary of this most recent upgrade, with a number of enhancements delivered. These include:

  • Introduction of the Risk Editor tool, which allows users to add risk data into a CRA template
  • Greater flexibility in exporting CRA reports based on submitted questionnaires and Risk Editor data
  • Ability to clone CRA templates and associated risk data

Enhancements to Vendor Due Diligence Workflows

Another vital component of the Drawbridge platform is our Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA), or Vendor Due Diligence (VDD), module. We’ve addressed the workflow here, allowing greater efficiency for both client and Drawbridge admin users. Further user access enhancements extend our focus on cybersecurity even more deeply within the Drawbridge platform itself.

Client-Driven Requests

Finally, as with prior release cycles, several client- and client services-driven development items were promoted to production with this release, specifically within the areas of CRA and VDD, as well as our Connect-R network scanning module.

The Next Sprint

Sprint 19 commenced earlier this week, on Monday April 18, and is on track for code freeze on Friday, April 29 with production release scheduled for Saturday, May 7. Look out for our next product release post in May for more insight into Drawbridge’s ongoing investment in our clients’ and partners’ cybersecurity capabilities.

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