Cybersecurity News Cycle: New South Wales Department of Education Falls Victim to a Cyber Attack

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When it comes to cyberattacks, everyone and anyone is vulnerable.

No matter the type or size of your business, organization or firm, hackers are ready and willing to tap into your vulnerable points and exploit your data and resources.

This was the case for the New South Wales Department of Education in Australia this week. The school district suffered a cyber attack as it prepared to commence its Term 3 online. The district reacted by immediately taking its internal systems offline, and keeping them that way until more is learned and safety is ensured.

In a statement, New South Wales Education Secretary Georgina Harrisson said “The timing of this creates considerable challenges for staff as we prepare for the start of Term 3. Thankfully, our teams have been able to isolate the issues and we are working to reactivate services as soon as possible.”

It is still unclear what motivated the cyberattack and what the hackers were after.

The department worked quickly to isolate the digital vulnerabilities that allowed for this attack for the time being. However, the threat of future attacks looms over the district and other school districts. These types of cyber threats are only expected to increase as businesses, schools, and the rest of the world increasingly rely on the internet and technology.

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