Cybersecurity News: New Guidance Against Ransomware

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, reliance on web-based services has strongly increased. With this comes several downsides in regards to cybersecurity, and this is certainly true of the threat of ransomware.

Ransomware comes in many variations and can target anything from personal data, to bank account information, and more. Malicious parties causing these breaches of privacy will then issue a ransom for this data or property under threat of theft or destruction.

Ransomware is typically distributed through email campaigns, though there are other methods where potential breaches become available such as through use of USB thumb drives.

There are numerous reasons why ransomware is becoming more common outside of a growing reliance on the internet and online software. Ransomware is advancing, and allowing for a greater number of perpetrators to utilize ransomware more effectively.

Due to the uptick in ransomware-related breaches, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released new procedures that organizations are meant to follow in the case of ransomware:

  • Maintain Offline, Encrypted Backups of Data
  • Regularly Test Your Backups
  • Create, Maintain, and Exercise a Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Mitigate Internet-Facing Vulnerabilities

With these measures in place, your firm can be protected from potential ransomware breaches, but little can substitute for solid cyber security programs being put in place.

This is where the experts at Drawbridge can help best. With deep experience in the cybersecurity industry and numerous different ways to approach and protect from threats such as ransomware, your firm could benefit greatly from scheduling a demo with Drawbridge today.