Cybersecurity News: The Importance of The White House’s International Meeting on Ransomware

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Recently, efforts by the United States Government to fight back against ransomware have been in full swing.

To better combat these growing threats, The White House has met with representatives from numerous nations in order to focus on the threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks that have been plaguing industries both private and federal.

This meeting of over thirty nations comes after growing concern as to the capabilities of malicious parties using ransomware. In short, ransomware allows for malicious parties to target gaps in cybersecurity to get ahold of private data, or, if a firm dealing in assets is concerned, take hold of said assets.

These malicious parties are often not local to the United States, rather, they have strong footholds in other countries, and manipulate the private information of those abroad. This causes issues when it comes to avoiding ransomware attacks in the U.S., as many nations that are host to these criminal hackers may not take the necessary steps to eliminate these threats.

The cybersecurity meeting between nations includes numerous like-minded nations that seek to end the threat of ransomware. While it is certainly a tough task to deal with hackers from abroad, the goal is for these nations to reach a common ground in which a global effort can mitigate ransomware breaches.

What spurred the U.S. into action was a recent attack in June of 2021 in which a ransomware attack shut down notable international meatpacker JBS. This also coincided with a major pipeline ransomware attack that produced one of the first detailed efforts of the U.S. government to fight back against ransomware.

By bringing to light, on a global scale, the importance of modernizing our federal cybersecurity programs, the United States is proving to the world the necessities of cybersecurity. Whether you are a small firm or a large scale federal body, cyber attacks are here to stay and will be targeting those without precautionary measures.

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