Cybersecurity News: The White House’s New Emphasis on Cybersecurity Jobs

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Throughout the global pandemic, multiple cybersecurity breaches have made headlines for the brazen and large-scale nature of these attacks.

Following these events, cybersecurity has been brought further into public light. This is certainly true of federal bodies, which have indicated a need for the heightening of cybersecurity procedures throughout the United States.

Ransomware has also played a role in publicized cyber-attacks recently. New technologies have allowed malicious parties to more easily utilize ransomware, and because of this more and more firms are at risk.

This is not to mention the threat to public safety, as government agencies are also seeing an uptick in the amount of potential breaches they face. It has become clear to governments worldwide that cybersecurity must become a major facet of defense moving forward. The White House has responded with various new methods to approach this cyber-defense issue.

Firstly, as part of an executive order originally given in May, the federal government has been tasked with reevaluating previous softwares and security tools used by agencies. This is a significant step forward, as security tools utilized by agencies may not have been properly scrutinized in the past.

Major technology companies have also pledged large investments that are meant to accelerate cybersecurity advancements across the board, for the nation and for privately run companies. A major emphasis was also placed on multifactor authentication as a simple yet effective method for mitigating simple breaches.

As for further outlined policy points, emphasis has been placed on cybersecurity experts, their training, and nurturing. In a world of heightened cyber-risk, there must be a sufficient number of professionals to meet this new challenge. Through expansions of private firms and technology giants in the hiring and training of a cybersecurity workforce that is larger than ever, the hope is that threats like ransomware and other cyber-attacks can be limited.

More on the May executive order can be found on The White House website.

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