Cybersecurity News: What the TSAs New Railway Cybersecurity Mandates Mean

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As looming cybersecurity threats continue throughout the nation, the need for federal bodies and private industries to heighten cybersecurity regulations has never been greater.

In preparing certain sectors for potential breaches, the federal government hopes that they can be more prepared and efficient in dealing with cyber-attacks

Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has imposed new cybersecurity mandates on the aviation and railway industries, instructing business within these industries to strengthen cybersecurity and to meet incoming regulations.

A major aspect of this mandate as it pertains to the railway industry is the need to appoint official cyber chiefs. The goal is for businesses within this industry to draft recovery plans, as well as to meet new regulatory requirements.

This mandate has been implemented in an effort to mitigate growing concerns over both the railway and aviation industry’s cybersecurity preparedness. Of the potential threats that face these industries, that of ransomware has been highlighted as a major concern.

Ransomware targets vulnerable parties, holding private information or assets hostage at the cost of a ransom. To avoid these breaches in the future, robust cybersecurity measures must be implemented.

The TSA have specifically targeted high-risk members of the railroad and aviation industries with the goal of putting together further cybersecurity plans. The hope is that with a combination of regulatory readiness and an emphasis on cybersecurity focus, the threat of ransomware and other potential cyberattacks on these fundamental industries can be reduced.

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