Cybersecurity Webinar: Drawbridge x SEC Compliance Solutions

As cybersecurity becomes an increasingly hot topic for advisors and their clients, we took the opportunity to discuss how risks are changing and share industry knowledge that can help strengthen your firm’s cyber environment.

Listen in as Katie Mogan of SCS and Adam Menkes of Drawbridge address important concerns facing investment advisers and funds, including:

  • Current risks facing investment advisers
  • 2022 SEC Exam Priorities
  • How to prepare for the SEC’s Proposed Cybersecurity Rules
  • Staying safe on a budget
  • Training employees to build cybersecurity awareness and accountability

Who is this webinar for?

  • Investment Advisers
  • CCO, IT, or any other person responsible for managing your firm’s cybersecurity policies and review of those policies

Watch the on-demand webinar today!


  • 3:08 – Agenda
  • 4:43 – Current Risks
  • 14:43 – 2022 SEC Exam Priorities
  • 26:32 – Robo Adviser Focus
  • 27:59 – Cryptocurrency
  • 35:40 – SEC Proposed Rule – Cyber and Risk Management
  • 45:30 – Cyber Solutions & Training  

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