Drawbridge On-Demand Webinar: [ENCORE] Protecting Networks and Devices in a Hybrid Work Paradigm

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The accelerated shift to remote and hybrid workforces over the past two years, coupled with decades-long digital transformation and increasing reliance on digital channels, have introduced new risks to anyone conducting business online—especially fiduciaries.

One lesson is clear: New working models are here to stay.

Jacob Cane, Drawbridge’s Global Head of Customer Success and Strategy, and Adam Menkes, Global Head of Operations, shared a special encore presentation of this webinar today. In light of recent developments in the cybersecurity space—including guidance from the White House on ramping up cyber readiness and a major third-party authentication provider’s breach—Jacob and Adam expand the scope of the webinar to include these important examples, in addition to the ongoing discussion around the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule changes.

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