Drawbridge Partners Introduces DrawbridgeConnect™ Platform

 Management Platform Offers Firms Complete Oversight of Cybersecurity Programs, Provide Investor Base with Evidence of Regulatory Compliance, Protect Against Real-time Threats and Manage Third-Party Vendor Risk 


Drawbridge Partners, a premier cybersecurity services firm specializing in the needs of hedge fund and private equity managers, today announced the launch of DrawbridgeConnect™, an automated management platform that allows firms the ability to manage all aspects of their cybersecurity program. Complementing Drawbridge Partners’ current services offering, the platform allows firms to ensure regulatory compliance and satisfy investor demands. Users can extract data in real-time to evidence their cyber risk posture to current and potential investors.

DrawbridgeConnect allows users to easily aggregate internal cyber risk assessment data to drive analysis and determine program strength and remediation, create and manage a resilient program to fulfill evolving data privacy mandates, and seamlessly coordinate end-to-end communication with their personnel in the event of a cyber incident. DrawbridgeConnect allows firms to easily assess third-party vendor cybersecurity risk and ensure all shared data is protected. The platform stores all critical vendor information, launches Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) to third-party vendors, and tracks responses and completion status. Drawbridge Connect allows a firm to continuously monitor cybersecurity risk, using its own vulnerability scanning solution.

“Ongoing regulatory requirements and investor demand, combined with the increasing potential of third-party risk and constant real-time threats place increasing burdens on today’s investment firms. We created DrawbridgeConnect to help them ensure they can easily analyze, track and measure every facet of their cybersecurity program to meet these substantial challenges,” said Viktor Tadijanovic, Chief Technology Officer. “This software solution complements Drawbridge’s robust cybersecurity services offering, giving firms a comprehensive cybersecurity framework and toolset to manage and safeguard against internal and external threats.”

“Providing seamless and transparent cybersecurity management solutions to our clients is our primary mission. DrawbridgeConnect’s Vulnerability Scanning and Management now allows us to give our clients a risk-based approach to detect, classify, prioritize, and remediate both external and internal vulnerabilities associated with client networks,” said Anthony Patti, Vice President at Drawbridge. “We are proud to be able to deliver these seamless and transparent ongoing vulnerability management services to our clients to help them defend against and address threats in real-time.”