How Real Estate Investors can Benefit From Cybersecurity

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Real estate investors and operators are quickly coming to learn the need of cybersecurity.

With digital transformation only accelerating in the era of Covid, more and more assets and private information are being safeguarded online. At the same time, cyber threats have been increasing at a monumental rate, necessitating adjustments and investments across all industries to shore-up cybersecurity procedures.

With a broad and far reaching network of stakeholders—developers, contractors, tenants, owners, lenders, and so on—Drawbridge believes that real estate investors and operators require cybersecurity programs that can meet the standards of a growing threat landscape. In a field as complex as real estate, the necessities of strong, reliable security have never been more prevalent. Regardless of their size, strategy, and structure, real estate investment firms and operators need industry-specific solutions that meet their unique needs.

The cybersecurity experts at Drawbridge can help prevent the many potential cyber security threats that lurk within the field of real estate. Utilizing Drawbridge’s multi-faceted platform, investors can rest assured that potential breaches can be mitigated. The unique nature of any given real estate investment firm’s strategy means that a purpose-built, easy-to-use platform is necessary.

Drawbridge considers the following points when regarding cybersecurity for real estate firms:

  • Emphasizing the meeting of both industry and firm-specific standards
  • Meeting ODD requirements
  • Performing cybersecurity due diligence

Drawbridge’s team of cybersecurity experts will be able to meet the needs of any real estate investor or operator with the right tools to detect and mitigate risks. With online threats worldwide increasing, it is imperative that cybersecurity is taken seriously, and that both federal regulations as well as the standards of investors are met.

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