How the Real Estate Industry has Become the Target of Cyber Attacks

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There is always considerable risk when dealing with customers, employees, and information both financial and private in an online space.

This is particularly true of those firms that are established within certain industries. The real estate industry is certainly no stranger to cyber disruptions. In many ways, the real estate industry has become a common target for those malicious parties that seek to gain information and assets from others.

Businesses within the real estate industry can understand how they become targets best by considering their transactions. Real estate transactions, out of necessity, contain private information. Financial data and the personal information of clients and employees become fast targets by those seeking to take advantage of flaws within a real estate business’s online systems.

It is common within the real estate industry to work with third-party vendors. This interdependence can lead to breaches in cybersecurity unbeknownst to you. It is important to not only consider your own cybersecurity protocols, but those of any vendors you work with as well. Considering these points, a business within the real estate industry should invest in strong cyber safeguards. Data security is key, and can be achieved through strong policy, cybersecurity education for all throughout your business, as well as third-party vendor assessment.

Cybersecurity preparedness is another feature of a well thought-out cybersecurity program. How one responds to a potential breach is usually indicative of whether or not your business can defend from cyber attacks. The right tools, as well as awareness training, can work in tandem to secure the private information of clients, customers, and employees.

Drawbridge understands that real estate investors and operators require sophisticated cybersecurity programs and strategies to navigate their complex threat landscape. Through use of cutting-edge technology and a platform structured for real-time cybersecurity management, Drawbridge can help to strengthen your firm’s risk posture with a variety of cybersecurity tools and expertise.

For all of your cybersecurity needs, the dedicated and experienced professionals at Drawbridge are here to help. Schedule a demo today, and learn how your firm’s cybersecurity needs can be met.

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