Drawbridge Releases Latest Version of Drawbridge Connect Cybersecurity Program Management Platform

Latest release continues focus on quality-of-life and functional enhancements.

Drawbridge is pleased to report another smooth production release this weekend for the Drawbridge Connect cybersecurity program management platform. We completed QA on Thursday, March 24 after entering code freeze on Friday, March 18. This release focused on quality-of-life enhancements for both Drawbridge and client users, and several functional enhancements.

Client-driven Enhancement

A frequently used tool within the primary platform dashboard, we have reformatted and enhanced the usability of the Documents Widget. We performed this upgrade at the request of a client, and it has been folded into the core platform for the benefit of all users. (On a related note, last week, Drawbridge announced the formation of our Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Through the IAB, we will work closely with Drawbridge clients and other cybersecurity experts to inform strategy, our product roadmap, and other areas of the business.)

Vulnerability Management & Reporting

In our Connect-R network scanning and vulnerability management product, the monthly report scheduling workflow has been improved to better meet client needs. Other client-driven requests include enhancements to internal scan reports, other Connect-R reporting improvements, and clarification of verbiage within the PC Reporter endpoint monitoring module. We have also addressed an issue affecting some clients’ ability to view a comprehensive list of monitored assets after installing the PCR Agent.


Further, we enhanced the user friendliness of our two-factor authentication (2FA) process, welcoming clients to the platform regardless of their 2FA device, and streamlined workflows and functionality within our DarkWeb and Due Diligence modules.

Looking Ahead

Sprint 18 commenced yesterday, Monday March 28, and is on track for code freeze on Friday, April 8. Our next production release is scheduled for Sunday, April 17. Look out for our next product release post in April for more insight into Drawbridge’s ongoing investment in our clients’ and partners’ cybersecurity capabilities.

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