Market Spotlight: Hedge Funds and Identifying Vulnerabilities with Drawbridge

Among the industries that require cybersecurity, hedge funds are some of the most susceptible to potential breaches.

From ransomware to privacy attacks, it is important that a hedge fund has a plan in place to both respond to potential breaches, as well as to defend from them in the first place.

The threat landscape targeting hedge funds is ever-changing, with potential attackers constantly changing up how they approach breaching a target. It is Drawbridge’s stance that generic cyber platforms cannot effectively support a hedgefund’s cybersecurity needs.

What hedge funds need is a support system meant to account for the specific needs of a hedge fund, and this is where Drawbridge comes in with state of the art cybersecurity programs meant to manage the complexities of a hedge fund’s data.

Through use of Drawbridge’s cybersecurity technology, tailor-made to meet hedge fund regulatory requirements, your firm will be at less risk while maintaining data integrity. Drawbridge’s technology also allows for the very necessary management of vendor due-diligence, allowing a hedge fund’s private data to remain secure from third parties.

The Drawbridge platform is fully centralized and is successful at swift and efficient management of all your hedge fund’s cybersecurity needs, no matter what type of hedge fund you may be. Learn more about DrawbridgeConnect here.

Through the mitigation of potential breaches and vulnerabilities within your hedge fund, your business will be able to meet all federal standards including ODD requirements. Learn more about how Drawbridge identifies and protects from vulnerabilities by scheduling a demo today!

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