Market Spotlight: How the Right Cybersecurity Platform Benefits Private Equity Firms

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Cybersecurity is a serious concern for hedge funds and asset managers of any kind, but the threat of cyber-attacks and potential breaches for private equity firms in particular has never been higher.

Worldwide, the risk of cyber-attacks has been rising, and those firms that have a greater hold on their cybersecurity measures have been able to thrive and mitigate risk.

Not only are federal regulations becoming more demanding, but clients and potential investors are as well. Cybersecurity is cause for concern not only for a firm and its employees, but those associated with, or on the verge of associating with a particular firm. Having one’s cybersecurity up to or exceeding standards is a necessity when cyber-risks are increasing. By strengthening cybersecurity procedures, you are also strengthening the trust others have in your firm. Robust cybersecurity measures allow your firm an advantage when it comes to your firm’s value as well. With strong security, your firm will seem more attractive to investors.

The complexities of the private equity industry require tailor-made solutions that are specifically built for your firm. It is a necessity to understand cyber-risks, and firm leaders need to recognize the importance of protecting from potential breaches. As with all firms that contain private data or assets, keeping this data in safe hands is key.

The robust, adaptable technology utilized by Drawbridge can benefit any firm looking to meet federal regulations. With Drawbridge’s platform, all security needs can be met; from regulatory readiness to operational due diligence requirements. Drawbridge gives private equity firms the power to manage and protect against cyber threats at the GP, LP, and portfolio company levels.

Drawbridge can help with all of the following:

  • Managing all levels of private equity cybersecurity programs
  • Working with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver a custom solution
  • Minimizing GP, LP, and Portfolio Company Cyber Risk
  • Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Meeting ODD requirements

Contact Drawbridge today to schedule a demo, and learn more about how your cybersecurity needs can be met!

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