Market Spotlight: Secure Your Third-Party Relationships with Drawbridge

In modern times, further scrutiny has been placed on third party groups with regards to a firm’s cybersecurity.

As more possible breaches are discovered through a lack of third-party vendor due diligence, it has become a point to properly equip firms with the tools needed to fend off and eliminate these potential threats.

Vendors attached to a firm may not be meeting the standards set by a particular firm. In these situations, breaches can become possible through these third parties be it direct or indirect. However, with the help of Drawbridge, vendors will be able to meet, or even surpass the cybersecurity practices of a given firm.

Outsourcing to a third party does not have to become a cybersecurity risk. Securing a vendor’s cybersecurity with the right management programs can help ensure that data is being held onto without the possibility of a breach.

The Drawbridge platform gives service providers the ability to manage the cybersecurity due diligence program and process in an efficient and scalable manner. Drawbridge’s modular application lets vendors complete due diligence requests and easily evidence their programs to DrawbridgeConnect™ clients.

Drawbridge focuses on several different facets of third-party cybersecurity:

  • Manage the DDQ process
  • Complete due diligence questionnaires
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Update due diligence profiles to show cyber program improvements

Third party vendors that may require access to a firm’s data and internal information need not be a worry when their security systems are top of the line. Drawbridge can help to mitigate threats, while managing vulnerabilities, no matter where they come from.

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