Market Spotlight: The Cybersecurity Needs of Private Equity Portfolio Companies

In an era of increasing threats to industries worldwide, it is important to understand the necessities of an effective cybersecurity program.

Portfolio companies on a global scale have been shifting toward policies that best suit strong cybersecurity, and with these measures in place hope to mitigate rising potential breaches.

According to the cybersecurity professionals at Drawbridge, portfolio companies have a particularly complex cyber threat landscape to deal with. If a portfolio company cannot successfully navigate this web of threats, the risk of successful cyberattacks will increase dramatically.

Portfolio companies are finding themselves with more pressure than ever from their private equity sponsors to shore-up cybersecurity protocols. The hope is that through meeting operational due diligence requirements, as well as through adopting strong, modern cybersecurity protocols, that portfolio companies will be properly braced for the future of an ever-growing threat landscape.

Because of these threats, portfolio companies would do well to find cybersecurity programs that work well for them. With Drawbridge, your cybersecurity needs can be met utilizing top of the line software that keeps private equity sponsors happy and secure. With Drawbridge’s unique software your portfolio company will be able to identify vulnerabilities as well as remediate these potential issues, as well as meet the expectations of federal regulations.

With Drawbridge’s team of experts, all of the following will be possible:

  • Evaluate internal and external cybersecurity risk
  • Create and maintain strong cybersecurity programs
  • Meet due diligence requirements
  • Conduct vendor due diligence
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Satisfy your private equity sponsors and meet due diligence requirements with Drawbridge.

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