Market Spotlight: The Necessities of Cybersecurity in Real Estate

Within the complex real estate industry, investors and operators are at more risk than ever for potential breaches to cybersecurity programs.

It has become increasingly necessary for real estate firms to shore-up cybersecurity through use of new technologies and meeting federal requirements. It is the position of Drawbridge that the complex nature of individual firms require unique cybersecurity protocols, tailor-made for them. This can be achieved through the right platform. Drawbridge’s platform allows for a program to be built to specific requirements, utilizing technology that caters to real estate professionals.

Your firm will be able to effectively take on cyber-attacks through Drawbridge’s comprehensive measures. With Drawbridge you will be able to:

  • Evaluate internal and external cybersecurity risk
  • Create and maintain strong cybersecurity programs
  • Conduct cybersecurity due diligence
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Meet ODD requirements
  • Meet regulatory requirements

In the real estate market cyber-attacks can come from anywhere. In any business containing private data, potential breaches can come in the form of ransomware or other attacks originating through malicious third parties.

It is important to keep cybersecurity in mind as both a tool for efficient business, as well as a way to secure investment strategies. Through use of Drawbridge’s platform, real estate investors and operators can rest assured that their unique businesses will be kept safe from cybersecurity risks.

To learn more about how Drawbridge can help you, schedule a demo today, and see how your cybersecurity needs can be met.