Private Equity

An industry as complex as private equity requires solutions that are specifically built for the unique needs of this industry. Firm leaders must understand cyber risks specific to private equity, what solutions are designed to fit their needs, and how they can adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

Tailored Platform

Our robust, tech-enabled platform meets all security, regulatory and operational due diligence requirements. Drawbridge gives private equity firms the power to manage and protect against cyber threats at the GP, LP, and portfolio company levels. Size and strategy agnostic, the platform can be tailored to align with the firm's program and policy requirements.

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Drawbridge and Private Equity

Manage all levels of private equity cybersecurity programs

Work with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver a custom solution

Minimize GP, LP, and Portfolio Company Cyber Risk

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

Meet regulatory requirements

Meet ODD requirements

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