PC Reporter

Gain visibility into endpoints and other assets

PC Reporter (PCR) collects asset and operating system information and sends it back to DrawbridgeConnect™ for analysis. Host-based vulnerability assessments are critical when it comes to your distributed network. Endpoints are monitored for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations through a low footprint agent.

PC Reporter Provides

cybersecurity agent

An agent-based cybersecurity solution that monitors risk and vulnerabilities on firm devices.

computer analysis

Collection of vulnerability, compliance, and system data on firm devices and reports that information back to DrawbridgeConnect for analysis.

software integration

Integrates with traditional Connect-R to provide more flexibility and coverage as it addresses the gaps of traditional network vulnerability scanning.

Drawbridge Portal

PC Reporter Collects

All installed software

Network information

Windows services

Device vulnerabilities

PC Reporter

Seamless Integration Within DrawbridgeConnect

PC Reporter – DrawbridgeConnect™ Integration Allows Firms to:

Manage their entire vulnerability landscape within a centralized platform.

Centralize reporting to allow for integrating with traditional Connect-R scanning reports.

Near real-time, easy to read, vulnerability data accessible for users to review, classify, and manage cybersecurity risk and vulnerability data.

PC Reporter-Drawbridge Integration

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