Pentagon Cybersecurity Continues to Push for Stronger Capabilities

As worldwide cybersecurity procedures come into question, numerous reports about the Pentagon Cybersecurity efforts to push for stronger capabilities, throughout the United States as well as for its allies. In light of heavily publicized cyber-attacks that have plagued national security interests and private industry in recent years. This push for the strengthening of cyber procedures is an important milestone in the development of powerful cybersecurity both for the nation as well as for key industries, including the capital markets.

Pentagon Cybersecurity Continues Their Push

According to a report from National Defense Magazine, The Pentagon will be continuing with their previously established Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification with an updated model. This initiative is set to have lasting, positive consequences for national cybersecurity. Particularly within the national defense industry.

The hope is that these measures will progress the defense of networks nationwide. Something that can benefit financial institutions seeking stronger cybersecurity measures. As ransomware and other illegal cyber activity continue to gain traction. The need for enhanced online defense is becoming clearer seemingly by the day.

The Cost of Enhanced Cybersecurity

As with many transformative, far-reaching initiatives, the cost has been a concern when considering sweeping reform in cybersecurity. Those within the defense industry seeking contracts with the government, under the new initiative, must-have new, stricter cybersecurity standards. Businesses concerned with cost have caused the federal government to look inward and investigate how to best help these contractors achieve the newly set cybersecurity guidelines.

With the help of the cybersecurity industry, the Pentagon’s push for resilient cybersecurity that can meet expanding worldwide threats is achievable. Adding in with the techniques and cybersecurity measures taken by the private sector. It will hopefully be possible to replicate this success when it comes to matters of defense. This is something the Pentagon is particularly eager for not only the U.S., but for key allies who are also lacking in cybersecurity capabilities.

Work remains to achieve the defense industry’s rising cybersecurity posture goals. Within the private sector, Drawbridge is a leading option for firms seeking to do the same. Drawbridge’s easy-to-use technology platform and award-winning professional services can help any firm meet and exceed internal, regulatory, and investor cybersecurity expectations.

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