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The social media landscape is constantly evolving. Every year it seems that there are new innovations or features offered by social media apps and websites that were previously unheard of – and even entirely new networks and platforms. While innovation continues on the public side of social media, malicious parties and cyber criminals of all kinds have also been advancing their methods to steal private information. Making social media cybersecurity a top priority to ensure a secure environment.

What is Social Media Cybersecurity Diligence?

Conducting personal cybersecurity diligence checks to remain ahead of cyber criminals is key to keeping anyone’s information safe online. There are many methods for stealing information, but several currently used by cyber criminals should be noted:


Malware goes hand in hand with several other online threats. As part of anyone’s cybersecurity diligence plan, it is important to learn what links and downloads might be malware. Commonly, malware is hidden in the form of innocent-seeming URLs and pop-ups. Malware includes programs such as spyware, installed without consent to monitor and transmit private information.


Phishing is a common cyber threat in which fraudulent groups and other bad actors attempt to acquire personal information through means of direct messages, link attachments, and malicious URLs. As social media’s popularity has increased in the past decade, so have reports of phishing and other related scams meant to seize private data.

While phishing and malware are just two methods of information-stealing that pervade are distributed through social media, there are many other ways for malicious users to infect devices, take over accounts, and steal information. Keep in mind that social media’s built-in protections are often not enough to avoid cybercriminals. It takes keen judgment and an understanding of cyber threats for social media users to be best protected.

Stay Up to Date

Keeping anti-virus protection software up to date, as well as screening the applications downloaded on one’s device are important first steps to cybersecurity diligence. If one is sent links through social media leading to unknown websites, or from someone unknown, it is best to ignore and delete these messages.

Drawbridge understands that social media cybersecurity diligence is a key aspect of a strong security plan on both a personal level, as well as for those firms seeking stronger cybersecurity protocol. Recognizing that even the most sophisticated business users of cybersecurity software also face threats at home, we will continue sharing insights to help all of our readers stay safe online, in both their personal and professional lives.

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