Real-Time, Continuous Cyber Threat Monitoring Enhances Cybersecurity

Cyber threat monitoring is consistently important within financial industries. Cyber breaches can come from anywhere, at every level of the business. When potential avenues for cyber threats are under watch, however, firms can report greater success in repelling network breaches. Even with the right cybersecurity procedure in place, it may not be enough when faced with an unexpected attack.

How Cyber Threat Monitoring Can Enhance Your Firm’s Cybersecurity

This is particularly true, because data breaches can go undetected for long periods of time. Cyber criminals often implant networks with forms of malware in the hopes that firms will be blind to these hidden files. This can leave a door open for hackers, biding their time until the moment strikes to attack. These malicious cyber parties are also advancing in the technologies they employ to spread malware. They will attempt to hide their intrusion as best they can in order to remain persistent on a given firm’s network. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the stealing of log-in credentials is common.

Log-in credentials can be taken from employees through use of ever-popular phishing campaigns. However, with monitoring tools meant to keep these intrusive and spam-filled emails away from those of your employees, these phishing attacks can be halted in their tracks. Employees should also be thoroughly trained on how to recognize phishing attempts, and how to handle messages that may make it through company filters.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring gives firms the tools needed to defend employees’ and clients’ private information. When private networks are breached, cyber criminals will not stop there. The goal is to gain access to all of a firm’s sensitive information, and perhaps even to burrow into other firms connected to the initial victim. Those within the financial industry are particularly at risk due to the private and valuable information at stake.

Recent international incidents have made it more apparent than ever that threat monitoring in real -time is a necessity when fighting against the current risk landscape of cyber crime. Early detection can be the difference between information theft and a secure environment for employees and clients.

The goal of real-time detection is to find any malicious activity that may compromise network or website security, and data confidentiality. Smart monitoring technology monitors all network activity more effectively than point in time scanning. Continuously scanning a firm’s network to ensure vulnerabilities are found and remediated is effective at detecting breaches early, elevating risk-posture in the face of cyber threats everywhere.

Real-time network monitoring complete with software to manage cybersecurity requirements from a single technology platform is a necessity in the modern cyber threat landscape. With the right monitoring capabilities in place, firms everywhere can see to it that cyber criminals and their threats are mitigated.

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