RegTech Analyst: Are banks safe in a government-backed cyberwar?

Drawbridge CISO Simon Eyre was interviewed for this article in RegTech Analyst that explores the potential for cyber warfare in an era of heightened uncertainty and geopolitical conflict. Asked about the kinds of attacks facing banks, Simon commented:

“Availability of Services to the public and to businesses is a critical part of today’s modern online banking systems. Denial of Service attacks can cause significant outages of web portals and communications across the Internet for services like banks. During a conflict, causing disruption will often be more impactful than ransomware type attacks and will be the focus of state attackers.”

Simon Eyre, CISO, Drawbridge

Also interviewed for this article were Dave Harvey, head of Cybersecurity, UK for FTI Consulting, and Alex Richter, head of PassFort, who shared valuable insights as well.

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