Service Spotlight: Cyber Risk Assessments with Drawbridge

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In order to best protect your business and organization, you need to continuously check and update your cybersecurity program to ensure it is protecting and managing confidential data correctly and prudently.

The first step is assessing the cyber risks your organization faces with Drawbridge’s Cyber Risk Assessments.

Risk assessments are used to identify, estimate, and prioritize risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, and other organizations resulting from the operation and use of information systems. The purpose of conducting a cyber risk assessment is to help your firm’s management make informed decisions about security and protection. The process involves the evaluation of the following factors:

  • Relevant threats to the organization
  • Technology risks to the organization
  • Control risks to the organization
  • Gaps in the organization’s cybersecurity program
  • Impact of a security incident

From there, Drawbridge is able to help you create a roadmap to meet industry frameworks, cyber regulations, and the best practices to keep your firm’s data safe.

Regular cybersecurity risk assessments are imperative to assure the regulators, investors, and board members of your organization that your firm is effectively protecting and managing confidential data.

Continuously assessing your program and the risks that threaten it can help you reduce long-term costs by preventing potential security incidents, create greater awareness around your technology and security program, and avoid breaches and other security incidents by determining your risks ahead of time and creating a plan to close those gaps.

Drawbridge will help you assess cybersecurity risk, evaluate technology and operational controls, and measure program progress over time through risk and vulnerability remediation. Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today, and make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure the digital safety of your firm.

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