Service Spotlight: Cybersecurity Training for your Employees

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There is growing evidence that cyber attackers are only becoming stronger and better at what they do.

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves to meet these new challenges, so do hackers, who evolve their own cyber threats and attacks.

There is an unsuspecting first line of defense in your firm’s cybersecurity efforts: your employees. As cyber threats heighten, it’s imperative that you train your employees to detect and anticipate cyber attacks, and understand what they can do to help. Drawbridge offers thorough, detailed training programs to assist you in preparing your employees for cyber attacks.

As your firm grows in its connectivity and technological capabilities, so does the frequency and sophistication of social engineering attacks, specifically phishing.

Within a cybersecurity training program, it is important that all employees learn to:

  • Identify critical data and handle it accordingly
  • Identify phishing and social engineering attempts
  • Understand common cybersecurity incidents
  • Understand regulatory requirements
  • Understand Firm policy requirements

There are a number of ways to train your employees for cybersecurity. Simulated attacks in particular have become a critical part of a cybersecurity training and awareness program. It is critical to test employees’ abilities to identify these attacks and share the results. Over time, your security posture will improve with a continuous cybersecurity training program.

Another key component of a firm’s employee cybersecurity training program is testing its recovery procedures. There is always a possibility that your firm may face a compromise.

Drawbridge offers the following training programs for your employees:

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise (TTX)
An Incident Response Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is a security incident preparedness exercise that takes key stakeholders through the process of dealing with a simulated incident scenario.

Hands-On Training for Employees and Participants
Hands-on training for these participants is conducted to ensure your response in the event of a real cybersecurity breach is acceptable.

Strategic and Technical Response Review
Both the strategic and technical responses are reviewed over the course of multiple scenario simulations based on real-world examples in a roundtable environment.

Testing your Incident Response Plan through a Tabletop Exercise with key stakeholders is essential to avoid confusion or an improper response during an incident.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike your business– prepare and implement preventative measures by training your employees for worst-case scenarios. Contact us today to schedule a demo and secure your company safe and secure.

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