Service Spotlight: Cybersecurity’s Role in Business Continuity

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A Business Continuity Plan or BCP brings a great deal of security to your firm.

Both personnel and assets can be better protected with a continuity plan in place. BCP’s allow for your firm to function throughout emergency situations. Drawbridge considers a BCP to be more important than ever in a growing threat landscape.

A BCP is a detailed plan that allows your firm to react to disaster situations in an organized and effective manner. In the event of site loss or significant business disruption, a BCP is a crucial step in securing assets as well as a method to keep personnel at ease.

With Drawbridge, you will find your firm’s BCP managed with top-of-the-line service, including the ability to conduct a business impact analysis among other important features of BCP management. Drawbridge will give your firm access to:

  • Organizational Threat Analysis
  • A list of business units within the firm and their primary functions to maintain “business as usual” functionality
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) for business units and systems
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) for systems
  • Crisis communication planning
  • Alternate work strategies and locations
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Site backup and data backup information

Cybersecurity is important for any firm’s BCP. Taking into consideration personal information and assets, a proper cybersecurity procedure can work hand-in-hand with a BCP to ensure effectiveness.

Cybersecurity is an invaluable risk management tool that when properly integrated with a business continuity plan allows for an easier recovery and can mitigate the cost of potential disasters. Drawbridge can help with cybersecurity integration into your BCP whether your firm’s BCP is still in its early stages or a more strict emphasis on cybersecurity is first being rolled out.

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