Service Spotlight: How Cybersecurity Training for Employees Reduces Phishing

For those firms with secure and effective cybersecurity procedures, a whole other necessity can sometimes be overlooked.

Employee training is a key feature of a successful security program, and for firms protecting private data and assets, it is especially important that employees are aware of how to notice and handle potential breaches.

It is the position of Drawbridge that employees are your firm’s first line of defense from cyber-attacks. A growing firm must not make the mistake of keeping employees out of your cybersecurity protocols. This is especially true for those cyber-attacks that threaten employees directly, or utilize employees in order to gain strategic or personal information.

Phishing becomes a major concern for those firms that have not had their employees undergo any kind of cybersecurity training. Training that allows employees to recognize even sophisticated phishing efforts is an overall benefit that cannot be ignored.

Phishing often begins through email or even text messages. These malicious parties may try to steal passwords, account numbers, or even data about their place of employment. Information gained can allow for access to employees’ personal accounts, even in-office accounts.

Drawbridge believes that training is paramount, and focuses on several important aspects of cybersecurity so that employees can:

  • Identify critical data and handle it accordingly
  • Identify phishing and social engineering attempts
  • Understand common cybersecurity incidents
  • Understand regulatory requirements
  • Understand Firm policy requirements

Perhaps most critically is Drawbridge’s use of simulated attacks in order to better prepare your employees for what they may encounter. This awareness program tests employees’ abilities to identify attacks and share results. Through continuous training, your security posture can significantly improve.

Drawbridge also places emphasis on the testing of recovery procedures, which can be just as important as cyber-attack prevention. If your firm faces a compromise, having employees trained in a hands-on fashion will allow for a more strategic and effective response plan.

The cybersecurity experts at Drawbridge, partnered with the proper training of employees, will allow your firm to prosper in an evolving cyber-threat environment.

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