Service Spotlight: Microsoft Office and Cybersecurity

Cloud-based data environments have become more and more common for firms throughout the world, especially throughout the global pandemic.

Elements such as remote work, as well as a push for businesses to digitize, have brought with it both benefits and challenges. These challenges, while numerous and ever-growing, can be mitigated with the right cybersecurity protocols.

When utilizing cloud-based data, ongoing monitoring, as well as attention to security configuration is key to securing your Office 365 environment. Microsoft, as your cloud provider, shares the responsibility of securing your data with you. It is important to understand Office 365 security capabilities before proceeding with great amounts of data exchange and storage.

With Drawbridge, this process is made easy. Drawbridge’s team of privacy, compliance, security, and IT experts, can ease the transition into Microsoft’s cloud-based environment by assessing the security needs of your company’s data.

Drawbridge’s experienced team is able to accomplish all of the following in relation to Office 365 environment transition:

    • Review the Office 365 environment to identify various risks and strengths within the existing configuration

  • Assign risk ratings in order to prioritize a roadmap for configuration changes in order to consistently improve the security of the environment
  • Protect and manage the systems in which the confidential data is stored, processed, or transmitted
  • Consistently evaluate and update the Office 365 security roadmap

A Microsoft Office environment can be an effective tool when it comes to your company’s data, however, as with any aspect of the digital landscape, it is important to consider the risks as well. With cybersecurity threats rising worldwide, and as more and more business transitions into an online data-space, a trusted team of cybersecurity professionals is necessary to successfully avoid breaches.

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