Service Spotlight: Office 365 Assessment and Security from Drawbridge

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Microsoft Office 365 can be an imperative tool to your business and the efficiency at which you run it.

Many businesses rely on its features, such as its OneDrive cloud storage, easy installation on numerous devices, and the latest versions of Office apps.

If you’re one of the businesses that use Office 365, you might not have considered the cyber risks that come with it. There are a variety of cybersecurity risks to consider with Office 365; Moving data into this type of cloud environment requires attention to security configuration and ongoing monitoring. Drawbridge can help you ensure the safety of your business and its assets so you can continue using Office 365 for your business needs.

Both Microsoft as the cloud provider, and you as the client, share the responsibility of securing your data. To do this, you must first understand all of the security capabilities and configurations within Office 365. Drawbridge’s team of privacy, compliance, security and IT experts will help you assess the security of your company’s Office 365 environment.

Ensuring and maintaining your business’ security when using Office 365 comes with taking the following measures:

  • Reviewing the Office 365 environment to identify various risks and strengths within the existing configuration
  • Assigning risk ratings in order to prioritize a roadmap for configuration changes in order to consistently improve the security of the environment
  • Protecting and managing the systems in which the confidential data is stored, processed, or transmitted
  • Consistently evaluating and update the Office 365 security roadmap

Cybersecurity can be daunting to deal with on your own. The experts at Drawbridge will help you stay safe, secure and protected. Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today.

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