Service Spotlight: Penetration Testing with Drawbridge

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It is imperative that a firm knows what they are up against in the event of a breach. To help with this, Drawbridge’s dedicated cybersecurity team emphasizes the testing of your preventative technologies.

To accomplish this, Drawbridge makes use of penetration testing to best gauge a firms’ vulnerabilities.

A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack on your network to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. It is conducted by an ethical hacker to assess your IT infrastructure and security by safely attempting to exploit vulnerabilities over a period of time.

Drawbridge’s simulated attacks allow your firm to gauge employee awareness as well as the effectiveness of your technology. In the utilization of simulated attacks, the goal is to improve your firms’ security through continuous exposure to these simulated threats.

There are three major components of penetration testing that are involved with Drawbridge’s methods:

  • Social Engineering Techniques: Human error is the most common vulnerability exploited by attackers. To test this at your firm, employ social engineering techniques that can be used to exploit individuals.
  • Simulated Cyber Attacks: Once a penetration test is concluded, reporting and remediation are essential. Reports should detail exploited security vulnerabilities during the testing window. Once a report is received, a strategic roadmap should be put in place to identify and prioritize the remediation that will take place.
  • Risk-Based Penetration Tests: Penetration tests are much more valuable once you have an ongoing vulnerability management solution in place. This way penetration tests can be risk-based, instead of all-encompassing.

It is not always easy to know when your firm should take part in penetration testing. Drawbridge considers several major reasons for when a penetration test may be necessary:

  • New network or infrastructure additions are made
  • Firm policies are modified
  • Upgrades or mass changes to systems or applications are made
  • New office locations are introduced to the firm.

Cybersecurity is meant to evolve alongside possible threats, and the same can be done for your firm and its employees. Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today to learn more about what you can do to alleviate threats and to keep employees informed.

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