Service Spotlight: Portfolio Companies and Identifying Threats with Drawbridge

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As noted by Drawbridge’s experienced cybersecurity team, portfolio companies and their Private Equity / Venture Capital owners find themselves at heightened risk for cybersecurity breaches of all kinds

These cyber attacks, which are often costly and disruptive to business, are becoming more frequent in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to shore-up your portfolio company’s cybersecurity in order to meet federal expectations, as well as to protect your business’s reputation and impact of breaches towards investors.

The team at Drawbridge is fully aware of the cybersecurity expectations that a portfolio company may face, and with years of experience combined with top of the line software meant to make securing and protecting your investments easy, your business will be ready to face future cyber threats.

With Drawbridge, managing your portfolio company’s Cyber due diligence is made easy. Potential threats can be properly identified, and your business can gain insights into the state of portfolio companies’ cybersecurity programs. Drawbridge’s cybersecurity software and solutions help portfolio companies build a strong cybersecurity program and give their private equity sponsors and stakeholders full transparency.

Drawbridge’s end-to-end management of portfolio company cyber due diligence allows for the following:

  • Pre-Deal Cyber Risk Assessment: As part of your due diligence practices, conduct a pre-deal cyber risk assessment on a prospective portfolio company.
  • Active Portfolio Company Cyber Risk Assessment: Gain insight into an active portfolio company’s cyber risk through the DrawbridgeConnect platform.
  • Ongoing Portfolio Company Cyber Program Management: Meet cybersecurity program standards, conduct ongoing vulnerability management and continuously assess your risk environment through DrawbridgeConnect and Connect-R.

A cyber risk assessment from Drawbridge is a great way to find out what risks your portfolio company may face, while also allowing you to make informed decisions about your cyber security. Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today to learn more about how your cybersecurity needs can be met.

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