Service Spotlight: Protect Your Firm With Drawbridge Vendor Due Diligence

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Third-party relationships have become a growing threat.

Still, many organizations lack a sufficient vendor due diligence program to manage and monitor their vendors’ cybersecurity programs At Drawbridge, we work to ensure that your third-party vendor cybersecurity practices are being done carefully with your protection in mind, and meet the industry requirements to identify data risks that lie outside of your organization.

Because third-party vendors have access to some assortment of your data, network, and more information, they can pose a threat to your firm, whether it be cyber risk, financial risk, operational risk, and more. Even with the most robust security program in place, your firm’s data is only as secure as the weakest vendor with access to your data.

It is critical to ensure that the cybersecurity practices of your third-party vendors meet the standards of those your firm has in place, as well as industry standards. Because of this, vendor due diligence is not a one-time process. Your firm should be continually assessing whether your third-party vendors pose a risk to your digital environment, or meet your security standards. The process can be ongoing and arduous; the expert team at Drawbridge is ready to walk you through the steps and help you stay secure.

With data security now a hot button topic for regulators and investors, ensuring oversight of all third parties who have access to your sensitive data is no longer simply best practice—it’s required.

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