Service Spotlight: The Necessity of Cyber Risk Assessment

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In order to defend your firm from growing threats and elevate your risk posture, there need to be continuous efforts to analyze and defend from said threats.

Pre-existing cybersecurity programs need to not only be made to fit within regulations, but should be poised to mitigate any potential threats lurking in an online space.

With a thorough cyber risk assessment, your firm can be in a better position than ever to take on the threats of malware, ransomware, phishing, and other potential cyber breaches. Risk assessments are meant to identify risks to organizational operations and assets, individuals, and other organizations resulting from the operation and use of information systems.

A cyber risk assessment will help your firm make the best possible decisions when it comes to the management of your cybersecurity procedures. In the event of a breach or a potential breach, the right assessment will reveal the signs early, allowing for a mitigation of damages, risks, or stolen assets and information. Drawbridge’s thorough methods allow for your firm to identify the following:

  • Relevant threats to the organization
  • Technology risks to the organization
  • Control risks to the organization
  • Gaps in the organization’s cybersecurity program
  • Impact of a security incident

Drawbridge emphasizes a continuous assessment of your cybersecurity program, and with unique software meant to bring all the necessary information under an easy-to-use system, Drawbridge can benefit any firm greatly. Perhaps most importantly, cyber risk assessment can  reduce long-term costs by destroying threats and keeping your organization mindful.

For all of your cybersecurity needs, the dedicated and experienced professionals at Drawbridge are here to help. Schedule a demo today, and learn how your firm’s cybersecurity needs can be met.

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