Service Spotlight: The Rise in Data Breaches and Data Privacy

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, there have been an increasing number of cyber-attacks and breaches occurring across numerous industries.

These attacks may in part be due to the need for industries to adapt to an online landscape, but there have also been prevailing advances to the technologies that malicious parties use to conduct their attacks.

In light of the upturn in attacks to private data and assets, it is important for a firm to be protected. This can be done through shoring-up cybersecurity procedures, as well as meeting federally set regulations. These regulations have become more strict, and more important than ever to follow.

With increased federal scrutiny come benefits as well; namely, the security of a firm’s private data being properly protected. Firms interacting with any amount of private data need to meet these regulations, as federal regulators are attempting to ensure the protection of the data that you control or process.

With Drawbridge’s unique platform, DrawbridgeConnect, your firm can meet regulatory guidelines across the board. With DrawbridgeConnect, you will be able to build your data privacy programs to ensure protections across the board.

DrawbridgeConnect allows you to:

  • Conduct data mapping exercises to identify and document who has access to your data, where it is stored, and how it is protected
  • Conduct vendor due diligence on third parties with access to your personal data
  • Conduct data privacy assessments
  • Prepare or update your privacy policies
  • Guide your business through cross-border transfer requirements, such as Privacy Shield
  • Plan and develop data breach response and recovery procedures

Consider Drawbridge for all of your cybersecurity needs. With years in the industry and intuitive software, your firm can meet and exceed federal regulations using cutting-edge security procedures bolstered by Drawbridge.

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