Service Spotlight: Track and Organize Your Cybersecurity Program with Drawbridge

Strong cybersecurity programs are often those that are tested regularly, prepared for potential breaches, and are able to be tracked with ease.

The expert team at Drawbridge understands this well, and with an unparalleled understanding of the nature of cybersecurity and the potential threats your firm may face, Drawbridge can suit any firm’s needs.

Cyber-attacks are business risks. They affect almost every facet of one’s firm, both financially and operationally. But it is also the risk of customer relationships in which valuable private information can be stolen where some of the larger risk lies.

A comprehensive cybersecurity program is necessary to compete in this modern business environment. When risks are limited, so are unexpected financial burdens.

But how does one’s firm keep its cybersecurity program secure?

There are many ways for a firm’s cybersecurity programs to remain in top shape. This is typically through regular testing for breaches, but also through efficient organization. Sustainability is key, and when one’s cybersecurity program can evolve alongside potential threats, a program is typically considered stable.

Drawbridge believes there are numerous key elements that goes into the creation of a strong cybersecurity program:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Data Privacy
  • Incident Response and Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Protection
  • Network Security
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing
  • Data Governance
  • Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Drawbridge believes that keeping these elements in mind, especially elements such as vendor due diligence and risk assessment, will allow for a firm’s cybersecurity program to remain cutting-edge.

With Drawbridge’s software, tracking one’s cybersecurity program is made easy, and in turn the effects of breaches, as well as their prevention, can be thoroughly mitigated. Ignoring cybersecurity in the current state of the world is a major risk in itself.

As with any security program, they should be all-encompassing, broad yet easily trackable and well-organized. Thanks to Drawbridge, these measures are made easy. Learn more about your firm’s cybersecurity needs by scheduling a demo with Drawbridge today.

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