Business Continuity

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ensures that your firm's personnel and assets are protected and remain functional in an emergency or disaster situation. Relevant now more than ever, a BCP details how your firm should react in the event of a site loss, significant business disruption due to fire or weather conditions, or any other condition causing the business to cease operation under normal or "business as usual" circumstances.

Manage Your Business Continuity Program

Conduct a
Risk Assessment

Conduct a Business
Impact Analysis

Create and Maintain Your Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity

Document Your BCP

Organizational Threat Analysis

A list of business units within the firm and their primary functions to maintain "business as usual" functionality

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO's) for business units and systems

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO's) for systems

Crisis communication planning

Alternate work strategies and locations

Emergency evacuation procedures

Site backup and data backup information

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