Vulnerability Management

A single vulnerability exploited by an attacker can prove disastrous for any company. Our expert team and proprietary platform help firms defend against and address today’s dynamic cyber threats.

Analyze Continuously

Conducting point-in-time vulnerability assessments can leave enormous gaps in a firm's defense against cyber threats. We close these gaps by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in a continuous manner with an ongoing, comprehensive vulnerability management program. We help you identify, prioritize and remediate organizational cybersecurity weaknesses that leave data at risk.

Internal Scan Summary

Remediate from Anywhere

Now with our modular application, users can check vulnerabilities in real-time from anywhere. We also highlight all vulnerabilities on your external and internal networks.

Efficient Data Aggregating

Regardless of whether your network is on-site or in the cloud, DrawbridgeConnect-R™ provides vulnerability scanning on your internal and external network on an ongoing basis and aggregates data highlighting the following:

Missing Patches

Software Vulnerabilities

Remote Code Execution

Operating System Vulnerabilities

Configuration Mistakes

SSL / TLS Vulnerabilities

End of Life Detection

Weak Passwords / Default Credentials

SSH Vulnerabilities

Timing is Everything

It is essential that remediation be conducted before hackers can exploit weaknesses. For remediation to be effective, this must be a continuous process between security and IT.

DrawbridgeConnect-R™ does just this.

Connect-R is the New Vulnerability Management Standard

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS) is secure, reliable, and easy with Drawbridge's Connect-R™ platform.

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