Data Security

Service Spotlight: How Drawbridge Can Help Your Data Privacy

October 18, 2021

A rise in data breaches throughout numerous industries have pressed federal bodies into strengthening regulations. Within certain industries, this pressure has been internal, with a clear emphasis on pushing firms to have the best cybersecurity possible as part of plans to combat an evolving threat landscape. Data and information privacy refers to protections on sensitive…

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Service Spotlight: Cybersecurity’s Role in Business Continuity

October 14, 2021

A Business Continuity Plan or BCP brings a great deal of security to your firm. Both personnel and assets can be better protected with a continuity plan in place. BCP’s allow for your firm to function throughout emergency situations. Drawbridge considers a BCP to be more important than ever in a growing threat landscape. A…

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Market Spotlight: How the Right Cybersecurity Platform Benefits Private Equity Firms

October 6, 2021

Cybersecurity is a serious concern for hedge funds and asset managers of any kind, but the threat of cyber-attacks and potential breaches for private equity firms in particular has never been higher. Worldwide, the risk of cyber-attacks has been rising, and those firms that have a greater hold on their cybersecurity measures have been able…

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Service Spotlight: How Cybersecurity Training for Employees Reduces Phishing

October 4, 2021

For those firms with secure and effective cybersecurity procedures, a whole other necessity can sometimes be overlooked. Employee training is a key feature of a successful security program, and for firms protecting private data and assets, it is especially important that employees are aware of how to notice and handle potential breaches. It is the…

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Market Spotlight: Enhancing Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds

October 2, 2021

There has been increased focus on cybersecurity for hedge funds within the last several years. This has only been exacerbated by the Coronavirus Pandemic, which has seen the need for industries worldwide to focus on cybersecurity procedures during an unprecedented transfer to online business. This need has caused regulators to take further interest in cybersecurity…

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Service Spotlight: Microsoft Office and Cybersecurity

September 24, 2021

Cloud-based data environments have become more and more common for firms throughout the world, especially throughout the global pandemic. Elements such as remote work, as well as a push for businesses to digitize, have brought with it both benefits and challenges. These challenges, while numerous and ever-growing, can be mitigated with the right cybersecurity protocols.…

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Market Spotlight: The Necessity of Cybersecurity for Venture Capital Firms

September 23, 2021

Investment firms of all types are at a risk for data breaches. In this modern era, firms are dealing with personal and financial information often at a digital level. Because of this, the risk for potential cyber-attacks increases, and the manner with which malicious parties attack these firms are in constant flux. Venture capital firms…

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Market Spotlight: Family Office Investor Cybersecurity with Drawbridge

September 20, 2021

Whether your family office investment firm is single or multifamily, complex cyberthreats are lurking around every corner. This is true of any firm handling private information and assets. It is your duty to have the right solutions in place to mitigate cybersecurity threats. Data breaches and cyberattacks of any kind can be damaging to a…

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Market Spotlight: The Necessities of Cybersecurity in Real Estate

September 16, 2021

Within the complex real estate industry, investors and operators are at more risk than ever for potential breaches to cybersecurity programs. It has become increasingly necessary for real estate firms to shore-up cybersecurity through use of new technologies and meeting federal requirements. It is the position of Drawbridge that the complex nature of individual firms…

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Service Spotlight: Track and Organize Your Cybersecurity Program with Drawbridge

September 15, 2021

Strong cybersecurity programs are often those that are tested regularly, prepared for potential breaches, and are able to be tracked with ease. The expert team at Drawbridge understands this well, and with an unparalleled understanding of the nature of cybersecurity and the potential threats your firm may face, Drawbridge can suit any firm’s needs. Cyber-attacks…

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