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How the Real Estate Industry has Become the Target of Cyber Attacks

January 18, 2022

There is always considerable risk when dealing with customers, employees, and information both financial and private in an online space. This is particularly true of those firms that are established within certain industries. The real estate industry is certainly no stranger to cyber disruptions. In many ways, the real estate industry has become a common…

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How to Have Quality Cybersecurity at Home

January 17, 2022

Cybersecurity breaches within one’s home have been a part of life since the inception of the internet. Between a variety of online scammers, as well as those who are able to infiltrate your home network, quality, at-home cybersecurity has never been more important. Those on the internet who seek to take advantage of the relative…

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Cybersecurity News: The Importance of The White House’s International Meeting on Ransomware

October 16, 2021

Recently, efforts by the United States Government to fight back against ransomware have been in full swing. To better combat these growing threats, The White House has met with representatives from numerous nations in order to focus on the threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks that have been plaguing industries both private and federal. This…

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Cybersecurity News: What the TSAs New Railway Cybersecurity Mandates Mean

October 15, 2021

As looming cybersecurity threats continue throughout the nation, the need for federal bodies and private industries to heighten cybersecurity regulations has never been greater. In preparing certain sectors for potential breaches, the federal government hopes that they can be more prepared and efficient in dealing with cyber-attacks Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has imposed…

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Cybersecurity News: How to Avoid Phishing Attacks

October 5, 2021

Phishing attacks are a popular method of cyber-attack typically used by malicious parties who seek to gain personal information. Usually, a malicious party will employ phishing for the sake of gaining account credentials of any kind, be it an email address or passwords for company websites. Successful phishing attempts have led to complete network access…

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Cybersecurity News: The White House’s New Emphasis on Cybersecurity Jobs

October 1, 2021

Throughout the global pandemic, multiple cybersecurity breaches have made headlines for the brazen and large-scale nature of these attacks. Following these events, cybersecurity has been brought further into public light. This is certainly true of federal bodies, which have indicated a need for the heightening of cybersecurity procedures throughout the United States. Ransomware has also…

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Service Spotlight: The Rise in Data Breaches and Data Privacy

September 17, 2021

Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, there have been an increasing number of cyber-attacks and breaches occurring across numerous industries. These attacks may in part be due to the need for industries to adapt to an online landscape, but there have also been prevailing advances to the technologies that malicious parties use to conduct their attacks.…

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Service Spotlight: Portfolio Companies and Identifying Threats with Drawbridge

September 2, 2021

As noted by Drawbridge’s experienced cybersecurity team, portfolio companies and their Private Equity / Venture Capital owners find themselves at heightened risk for cybersecurity breaches of all kinds These cyber attacks, which are often costly and disruptive to business, are becoming more frequent in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to…

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Cybersecurity News: Avoiding The Growing Threat of Ransomware

August 28, 2021

Ransomware has been advancing at a seemingly boundless rate throughout the global pandemic, and no industry is better equipped to face these changes to private data breaches than cybersecurity. In simplest terms, ransomware is a form of malware that renders a device unusable for the owner. This is typically followed up by demands of ransom…

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Service Spotlight: Penetration Testing with Drawbridge

August 11, 2021

It is imperative that a firm knows what they are up against in the event of a breach. To help with this, Drawbridge’s dedicated cybersecurity team emphasizes the testing of your preventative technologies. To accomplish this, Drawbridge makes use of penetration testing to best gauge a firms’ vulnerabilities. A penetration test is a simulated cyber-attack…

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