The Cybersecurity Dangers of Thumb Drives

Thumb drives are often considered unassuming devices that make the transfer of digital data easy through quick access to ports from one device to another. However, recent findings from the FBI have shown malicious parties using thumb drives in order to infect recipients’ computers with malware.

Cybersecurity Dangers of Thumb Drives

Cyber attacks have been carried out towards multiple unnamed businesses in the United States by a cybercriminal group from Eastern Europe. These thumb drive-based attacks have hit businesses within the transportation, defense, and insurance industries. Carried out through mail, these attacks send USB devices full of malware to their targets, CNN reported.

Companies received these thumb drives with letters pretending that these devices were from organizations such as the U.S. Department of Health. Unaware employees inserted the drives into company computers. This in turn gave the hackers access to company networks. From here, malicious software was deployed by these hacking groups, the most notable being the use of ransomware to hold company data and assets hostage.

Check for Malware

USB devices should always be checked for malware, and employees should be trained to recognize potential attacks, from phishing to social engineering. The easiest way to be sure your company network will not be compromised by these devices is to purchase factory-new thumb drives for use throughout your offices. However, malware is not often easy to spot for those businesses lacking in strict cybersecurity monitoring.

Use Antivirus Software

USB antivirus software is one important step in keeping computers safe, as well as cybersecurity programs that can monitor for network breaches in real-time. Encryption programs can also keep your network safe in the event of malware attacks. Through the use of encryption software, it will be harder for malicious parties to retrieve private data or hide malware-infected files within your folders.

In short, malware can be found anywhere. With advancing cybercriminals continuing their assault on American industries, it is important to elevate your cyber risk posture and eliminate breaches before they become a problem for your company.