Schedule your Penetration Test this summer: Avoid the year-end rush and strengthen your security

Penetration Tests are a frequently requested service at Drawbridge. Many Alternative Investment Managers wait until year-end to schedule these critical assessments, only to find providers overwhelmed with requests.  

Here’s why scheduling your Penetration Test, also referred to as Pen Tests, during the summer is a smarter choice. 

Why schedule Pen Tests during the summer? 

Summer offers a less hectic period compared to the year-end rush. Due to regulatory and investor expectations to complete penetration testing annually, Drawbridge often faces a high volume of requests in Q4, which can lead to delays and missed deadlines. Plan ahead to ensure your test is completed on time and enhance your security posture without the pressure of year-end deadlines. 

What is involved in an Internal and External Pen Test? 

The Drawbridge External Penetration Test and Internal Penetration Test both involve minimal business disruption and typically take about 45 days to complete. These comprehensive and firm-specific assessments: 

  • Identify weaknesses in your firm’s defenses. 
  • Evaluate the severity of potential threats. 
  • Include a detailed report following the completed test that highlights vulnerabilities along with strategic recommendations for remediation.  

Drawbridge’s team will walk you through the testing process and findings, ensuring you fully understand the risks and the steps necessary to mitigate them. 

Summer promotion: Secure your spot now 

To encourage firms to get a jump on their cybersecurity assessments, Drawbridge is offering a special promotion for Penetration Tests completed over the summer. Our thorough, objective approach helps uncover hidden vulnerabilities, fulfill LP and allocator requirements, and develop a strategic plan to address identified risks. This limited-time offer provides an excellent opportunity to bolster your security measures ahead of the busy year-end period. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your firm’s cyber defenses and avoid the congestion of last-minute testing requests. 

For more information about Drawbridge’s summer promotion for Penetration Tests, email us at or fill out a contact us form.