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For over a decade, Drawbridge has been transforming cybersecurity from a technical challenge to a strategic asset.

Its unique combination of expertise and innovative technologies helps you build a strong cyber program, so you can meet investors’ and regulators’ expectations.

Our established position and expertise in the alternative investment space and our forward-facing solutions are why we are the trusted partner to 1,000+ funds.

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Everything you wanted to know about Drawbridge’s innovative approach to cybersecurity technology and service.



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By becoming a Drawbridge Partner, consulting firms, IT solutions providers, and system integrators can deliver more revenue, optimum cybersecurity vigilance and improve client service.



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We’re consistently voted as cybersecurity leaders in alternative investment, but our real reward is your success.


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Drawbridge is the brainchild of experts steeped in cybersecurity and the high stakes world of alternative finance and wealth management.

Our mission is to help alternative investment firms strengthen their cybersecurity posture to reach their business goals through a combination of expertise and innovative technology.

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