For alternative investment leaders who are serious about cybersecurity

Drawbridge’s 1,000+ clients, ranging from new fund formations to established funds, successfully navigate the complex cybersecurity and compliance landscape to achieve their investment management goals.

Drawbridge enables them to:

  • Proactively meet compliance requirements
  • Produce evidence to investors and board members that their assets are protected
  • Pass every exam, security review, and due diligence analysis

When your investment managers partner with Drawbridge, you can be confident that your assets and information are safe from cybercriminals. Our solutions are purpose-built for alternative investment firms, such as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.

We give funds the tools they need:

  • Comprehensive cyber assessments
  • Easy-to-digest summaries of risks
  • Cyber benchmark data for remediation planning

We will make your ODD and periodic reviews clear, thorough and efficient so allocators and investors can have peace of mind.

Drawbridge provides the most comprehensive suite of solutions to develop and maintain industry-leading cyber programs across the PE spectrum.

  • Private Equity Funds
    • Drawbridge partners with Private Equity funds to assess their cyber posture and ensure that they are managing cyber risk in a complete and industry-leading manner
    • Drawbridge can help you up-level your cyber program ahead of fundraising and/or forthcoming SEC regulations to ensure you’re ahead of industry best practices
  • Portfolio Companies
    • Establish a cyber program baseline across the portfolio with a consistent level of cyber controls that highlights the most significant risk areas – minimizing overall portfolio risk while helping to maximize the exit value of portfolio companies
    • Our Drawbridge Platform ensures that a PE sponsor always has a real-time line-of-sight into the cyber programs of their portfolio companies
  • Due Diligence
    • Cyber is one of the key risk areas when evaluating new investments/acquisitions. Drawbridge partners with PE funds to conduct timely and cost-effective assessments of target companies during the due diligence process, enabling funds to assess risk and avoid potentially costly issues post-acquisition

Private Equity funds invest in and/or acquire companies across a broad range of cyber risk and governance maturity levels.

Drawbridge can:

  • Assist PE funds in establishing a cyber program baseline across the portfolio
  • Ensure a consistent level of cyber controls
  • Highlight the most significant risk areas

Drawbridge can help mitigate portfolio risk and maximize exit value of portfolio companies. In addition, our Drawbridge Platform allows a PE sponsor to have real-time line-of-sight into the cyber programs of their portfolio companies.

Wealth Management RIAs need to pass regulatory audits to keep up with the pace of business, avoid fines and business disruption.

Drawbridge helps Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with:

  • Passing compliance regulatory exams, ensuring your firm adheres to the latest standards cybersecurity rules and regulations which increase each year.
  • Mitigating current cyber risks is essential to prevent potential disruptions and reputational damage in case of a successful breach.

We have over 600 clients from the hedge fund community, making us the most prominent provider of cyber program solutions.

Drawbridge helps hedge funds with:

  • An in-depth understanding of evolving cybersecurity best practices
  • Up-to-date knowledge of compliance requirements
  • A combination of expertise and innovative technologies to enable a strong security posture
  • Experience of what it takes to achieve your firm’s goals, such as fundraising and meeting ODD requirements
  • New Fund Formations
    • Drawbridge partners with new fund founders to frame a full cyber program, from policy development through training and ongoing monitoring. Citing Drawbridge on Form ADV and brokerage applications signals to investors, regulators, and partners that you’re serious about cyber
  • Established Funds
    • Drawbridge can help you up-level your cyber program ahead of fundraising and/or forthcoming SEC regulations to ensure you’re ahead of industry best practices
    • Allocators recognize the Drawbridge approach and ODD report for periodic reviews of your cyber program

Drawbridge works with venture capital funds and their service providers to ensure that their cybersecurity posture is robust and industry-leading.

Drawbridge also partners with VCs to assess the cyber posture of portfolio companies to establish a baseline of risk across their program and minimize ongoing risk.

  • Drawbridge performs annual in-depth cyber risk assessments, allowing comparison of their current results to previous findings