What does Drawbridge do?

We help the alternative investment industry and their portfolio companies safeguard people, systems, and data. With a team of cybersecurity experts, financial services veterans, and collaborative service professionals, Drawbridge is a trusted partner to 1000+ funds with more than $1.7 trillion assets under management. We help clients mitigate cybersecurity risk while satisfying regulators and investors, proving they’re serious about cybersecurity.

Is Drawbridge a SaaS (Software as a Service) company or a professional services provider?

The center of the Drawbridge offering is its online platform, which is a blend of innovation, technology, and cybersecurity expertise.

Can Drawbridge build a whole cybersecurity program for my firm?

Our expertise lies in identifying cyber risk for clients and recommending remediation. To complete remediation, clients use internal IT resources, outsourced managed services providers, and/or managed security service providers. Drawbridge helps strengthen your overall cybersecurity posture with ongoing Vulnerability Scanning, periodic Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, Policy Development, and more.

Does Drawbridge offer Penetration Testing?

Yes, Drawbridge offers both External Penetration Testing of public-facing assets and Internal Penetration Testing of a firm’s internal security posture.

How does Drawbridge help with my firm’s compliance?

Many compliance regulatory frameworks have a cybersecurity aspect. Often, regulations require firms to maintain an inventory of technology assets, a list of cybersecurity risks, and evidence of remediation. Drawbridge closely monitors the latest regulations relevant to alternative investment firms and updates our offerings based on the changing regulatory landscape, as well as cybersecurity best practices. We provide ongoing business credibility no matter how the compliance landscape evolves.