How to Keep Devices Secure When Traveling

Travel is a common aspect of business, especially those businesses or firms with employees working in remote locations, or those serving a distributed client base. As personnel will be scattered, using multiple different networks and devices rather than a singular secure network, businesses everywhere have been adapting to these new environments in order to keep employees,’ and business, and client data secure.

Cybersecurity Tips to keep your devices secure when traveling

What’s most important to emphasize for employees is that cybersecurity protocols should not be limited to your office. While at home, or while using a company device, one should consider cybersecurity and whether or not your online actions will lead to cybersecurity breaches down the line.

It is important to emphasize safe online behavior for all personnel, especially when using devices or software that engage with company assets, such as networks and data. After all, the more employees travel and access other networks, the more cyber risks your business is exposed to. Employee devices can become gateways used by cybercriminals in order to access your network. A network without the right cybersecurity protocols in place can be devastated by these breaches.

For those employees on the go or working remotely, it is important to consider the following tips:

  • Keep your operating system software and virus detection updated in order to improve your device’s ability to defend against malware.
  • Do not auto-connect to new networks that may not be safe. Instead, disable remote connectivity and Bluetooth.
  • Do not conduct sensitive business over public networks.
  • Keep your device locked when in unfamiliar areas. Even if you intend to be away from your device for a short time.

Cybercrime is a possibility that any device on a public network may face. When traveling or away from a secure network, especially if one is handling sensitive information, cybersecurity should be kept in mind. It is always important for employees to conduct themselves safely when working with remote networks. Firms everywhere should invest in cybersecurity monitoring technology meant to protect the daily operations of business within online spaces.