June 21, 2022: Drawbridge Releases Latest Version of Cybersecurity Program Management Platform

Latest release continues focus on quality-of-life and functional enhancements.

Drawbridge is pleased to announce another update to the Drawbridge cybersecurity program management platform. Following is a recap of enhancements released over the last two development cycles, the most recent of which wrapped up last week and was promoted to production last night.

Here’s a rundown of the updates we’ve made since our last product update blog.

Continued Focus on Vulnerability Management

Asset managers using Drawbridge’s comprehensive cybersecurity platform now have the ability to remove both online and offline assets, with an additional verification step required prior to removing an online asset. We also made an update to our Agent, which now scans machines only if they have been seen since the last daily scan, managing resource demands and streamlining system performance.

Furthermore, we’ve expanded coverage of historical vulnerabilities, and have normalized source data feeds to further improve the accuracy and completeness of the data presented in the platform.

Enhancements to Cybersecurity Platform User Experience

We made several enhancements to give users a smoother and better experience when using our platform. These include several terminology changes.

  • The “Age” of an internal or external vulnerability is now presented as “First Detected Age”
  • The “Last Seen” date for a given device has been updated to “Last Scanned”
  • The number “0” in our portal is now “N/A”

We also introduced refinements to workflows, such as requiring a short name when creating a new Org in the platform. This will facilitate navigation, administration, and reporting.

Client Requests and Other Enhancements

As with every dev cycle, we addressed a number of client requests and other fixes, including enhancements to:

  • Due diligence questionnaires
  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Vendor risk assessment
  • Parent/child relationship reporting
  • Agent onboarding and installation

Looking Ahead

Our next platform release is expected to reach production by early July. Look out for our next product release post in a few weeks for more insight into Drawbridge’s ongoing investment in our clients’ and partners’ cybersecurity capabilities.

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