Market Spotlight: Allocator Insight with Drawbridge’s Purpose-Built Software

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Allocators, investors, and firm partners who require information on prospective cybersecurity risks can utilize Drawbridge’s purpose-built software for easy and effective insight into potential threats.

The goal of Drawbridge’s software is for allocators to be able to easily evaluate cybersecurity risks, including the ability to conduct due diligence in real time. When an allocator is able to make informed decisions based on potential or ongoing cybersecurity threats, a firm is able to better respond to cyber attacks.

It is the belief of Drawbridge and its team of experts that generic cybersecurity platforms do not get the job done. Within cybersecurity’s current environment, increasing threats mean for a shift towards stronger and more secure response programs.

The experts at Drawbridge consider Drawbridge’s purpose-built software as a tool that allows allocators to:

  • Evaluate internal and external cybersecurity risk
  • Create and maintain strong cybersecurity programs
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Conduct vendor due diligence

For most firms where cybersecurity is required, conducting due diligence and keeping to federal regulations is an important step on the road to strong cybersecurity programs. With Drawbridge’s unique software, these programs can be maintained and strengthened over time.

Schedule a demo with Drawbridge today to learn how your cybersecurity needs can best be met. Drawbridge’s team of experts will allow your firm to rest assured that potential breaches and threats of all kinds will be taken care of.

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