Market Spotlight: Family Office Investor Cybersecurity with Drawbridge

Whether your family office investment firm is single or multifamily, complex cyberthreats are lurking around every corner.

This is true of any firm handling private information and assets. It is your duty to have the right solutions in place to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

Data breaches and cyberattacks of any kind can be damaging to a firm, and cause a loss of trust among customers, clients, and investors. This is not to mention the risk towards personnel, whose information can also be targeted by malicious parties.

The ability to monitor cyber risk is invaluable in today’s modern investment landscape. The experienced team at Drawbridge can allow your firm to prosper despite these risks with a unique platform that outcompetes generic cybersecurity systems.

The Drawbridge platform ensures that family offices can gather the information they need to evaluate cybersecurity risk and make informed decisions to minimize data breaches. Drawbridge’s platform is more effective than others due to its real-time evaluation, which allows for a better response from your firm.

Drawbridge’s system, with regard to family offices, allows your firm to do the following:

  • Evaluate internal and external cybersecurity risk
  • Create and maintain strong cybersecurity programs
  • Conduct cybersecurity due diligence
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

Drawbridge will allow your firm to make informed decisions on cybersecurity procedures, and with their unique software, you will be able to reduce threats as well as respond properly to ongoing cyber-attacks.

As the premier provider of cybersecurity solutions to the alternative investment industry, Drawbridge can be the key to cybersecurity in a landscape of ever-changing threats.

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