Cybersecurity Solutions Purpose-Built for Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital Firms

Our all-in-one platform and expert professional services deliver everything you need to satisfy regulators and investors, which is why we have delivered more comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to the financial services and alternative investment community than anyone else.

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Portfolio Companies

Leverage powerful cybersecurity solutions that account for the complex structures, unique operational risks, and heightened due diligence requirements that define the private equity landscape.

Private equity firms can address cyberattacks, threats, and other cybersecurity vulnerabilities at the GP, LP, and portfolio company levels

Private equity portfolio companies can meet the heightened cybersecurity and operational due diligence requirements of their investors

Venture capital firms can meet regulatory requirements, evaluate risk, and implement robust vulnerability management and incident response procedures

Hedge Funds

Address an evolving threat landscape and meet rigorous requirements with a platform tailor-made for the financial services industry.

Protect against cyberattacks and data breaches through a full range of security controls and comprehensive cybersecurity training

Meet regulatory and ODD requirements through seamless readiness and reporting procedures

Access comprehensive functionality regardless of size or structure

Family Offices
and Asset Managers

Protect your investments and reputation while making informed decisions through an all-in-one cybersecurity platform coupled with our industry expertise.

Evaluate internal and external risk, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and maintain strong cybersecurity and compliance programs

Carry out essential cybersecurity due diligence on any counterparty or portion of your portfolio

Gain cybersecurity efficiencies and minimize operational risk, regardless of structure (including single- and multi-family offices) or size

Asset Allocators and Owners

Gain the confidence that your assets and information are safe with the managers you invest in through cybersecurity software purpose-built for the private equity and venture capital landscape.

Assess your current and prospective cyber risk environment with a platform designed specifically for investors and partners

Meet the increasing cybersecurity regulatory requirements that define the private equity and venture capital landscape

Analyze ongoing cyber threats and remediation efforts to make informed decisions and ensure stability

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Now that you’ve gotten a sense of how our all-in-one cybersecurity platform and expert professional services can help private equity managers, hedge funds, venture capital firms, asset management firms, institutional investors, and other key stakeholders in the investment ecosystem, take the next step and watch our platform in action.